Tuesday, 30 October 2018

How To Rock A Bold Red Lip | Choosing The Right Shade

During the winter months, a red lipstick is one of my favourite ways to spice up my makeup look and outfit. One of the many questions I asked myself was what shade of red lipstick should I wear? It's almost overwhelming checking out makeup brands different undertones of reds. Here Is my go-to guide on choosing the right lipstick shade for you. Just remember there are no rules to makeup, you are welcome to wear whatever shade you feel most comfortable rocking. 

1. What undertone are you? Are you green, blue or neutral based? 
2. Do you have a pink, yellow or neutral based completion? 
3. What shade of white suits your undertone best? White or Ivory?
4. Are you looking for a Hollywood red based lipstick or something darker? 

Once you have answered these questions, this will make choosing a red lipstick shade much easier.
Now for my blue-based red girls, you tend to have a light-medium complexion with a pink/neutral based undertone. Blue veins will be much visible on your wrists. Orange-based red tends to suit more yellow/neutral based complexions. You will either have green or both green and blue veins. White t-shirts suit pink based undertones, while Ivory enhances yellow/neutral undertones.

Some of my favourite lipstick shades are from Mac Cosmetics and Loreal. Below I have a couple of my holy grail red lipsticks with different undertones.  

What is your go-to red lipstick colour? I would love to read your comment below. x 

Estee Launder - Bar Red 310
Mac - Russian Red 
Loreal x Balmain - Domination
Bite Beauty - Red Velvet 
The Body Shop - Sydney Amaryllis 014
Tarte Lip Paint - Valor, Cast

(Swatched - The Body Shop - Sydney Amaryllis 014, Estee Launder - Bar Red 310, Loreal x Balmain - Domination, Mac - Russian Red, Bite Beauty - Red Velvet, Tarte Lip Paint - Valor, Cast and  Estee Launder - Shock & Awe)

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