Tuesday, 21 November 2017

18 Christmas Gifts For Her - Luxury/Affordable Edition

Hello Lovelies, I can't believe we are only 34 days away from Christmas morning. I've seen a couple of tags flowing around on YouTube, so I thought why not create my own Christmas Gift Ideas for Her. We all know around this time of year, how stressful it is to find the perfect gift. I have 18 different Christmas gift ideas below, and this caters for all who wants to spend less than $25 or for those who would like to spoil someone on Christmas. Below I have 12 different luxury/high street options ranging from $30-$450. 

Luxury/High Street
Olivia Burton Rose Gold Watch $194.00
The perfect rose gold watch for everyday wear or dress it up with your outfit.
Ted Baker Makeup Case $69.95
I love this makeup case/wash bag, the size is perfect for your on the go needs.
Jo Malone Cologne $98.00
If you wanted to own one luxury cologne, Jo Malone has the perfect selection of luxurious scented fragrance.  
Peter Alexander Slippers  $35.95
I feel everyone needs some sort of cute and comfy slippers on Christmas morning.
Kikki-K Diary $39.95 
If you are organized, the Kikki-K Diary has some of the best planners on the market. They are stylish but yet practical. 
Tiffany and Co Necklace $415.00
If you're looking to spoil your loved one or someone special, you can never go wrong with Tiffany and Co necklaces, this is personally on my list.
Peter Alexander Passport Case $25.95
Everyone needs a stylish passport case, and this is affordable too. Thumbs up!
Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette $80.00
This is one of the most popular makeup eyeshadow palettes on the market. Charlotte Tilbury is known for having the perfect luxurious palettes. This is also on my wishlist. These colours would create a beautiful every day and night makeup look. 
Diamond Studs $300-599
You can never go wrong with diamonds for your special someone, I love how delicate and small these are. 
Palm Beach Candle Coconut-lime Scented $39.95
Candles are one of the most popular gifts you could gift to someone. You can never go wrong with a candle from Palm Beach. This smells exactly like coconuts and lime. Yum!
Gucci Leather Purse $400.00
The perfect sized leather wallet, this contains slots for your credit cards, notes and even coins! I would say if you're looking to spend on a designer brand, Gucci is the way to go. 
Bose Mini Soundlink $199.00
I've bought one of these for my partner and the sound is incredible, this is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys listening to good quality music via Bluetooth.  

Under $25 - Affordable
Weekend Cosmetic Case - Typo $24.99
I love this makeup travel case, its the perfect size to store all of your essentials. Bonus its rose gold.
This pack is perfect for someone who enjoys pampering themselves.
I have one of these and it's the perfect flask to take your tea or coffee on the go. I never found this leaked at all 
Perfect for the beach or relaxing in the sun.
T2 is one of my favourite tea companies, I love the idea of the small assorted tea samples. This gives the person the option to find out what teas they enjoy. 


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