As the end of the year is approaching fast, along with festive holiday breaks. It's that time of year we need to sit down and reflect on ourselves. We forget to allow downtime and to relax. After all, its the end of the year and this is when we are all tired, stress and need a break. We tend to forget how to shut off and focus on family rather than work. I'm about to let you know a couple of beauty tips to make it through the busiest time of year.

1. Invest in a good Hand Cream.
Indulge in a good Hand Cream. Glasshouse offers amazing hand creams for a great price with the value. My Nana once told me your hands are the first to age, so always moistures.  I cannot go anywhere without my travel-friendly size hand cream. Another hack, use on your dry points such as elbows, knees and cracks.

2. Face Mask.
Around this time of the year, my skin tends to break out due to the added sweets from sugar. This year my goal is the cutback and avoid added sugars. The over produced oily skin is one of the side effect's I get from eating poorly. So I recommend investing a good face mask, I suggest Origins Charcoal Facemask for those with troubled skin includes oily, blackheads and large pores. Origins brand last a life time in my shelve as a small amount goes a very long way.

3. Essential Oils.
A controversial topic, but some really see the benefits from Essential Oils for healing and skincare properties.
Quickly I want to note, please do not use Essential Oils around pets as they can be highly toxic. I struggle with sleep insomnia, especially around more stressful times. I like to defuse Lavender oil for a quick sleep fix. If you are stuck with an on-going headache, try Peppermint oil. Use lightly on the temples for instant cooling relief.

4.Foot Pedicure.
A little personal, but who else cannot stand the thought of tough cracked heels from your everyday pair of shoes. One of the best purchase I've made is from the brand Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Footcare System. Here's a little tip of mine, apply hand cream after using the device and sleepover night. You will wake up with the softest feet ever.

5. Eye Cream.
Do you have tired and puffy eyes? Indulge in a good eye cream for that instant bright and uplifting effect. One of the most common questions I get day to day is a recommendation on the best. I recommend the Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream, as I'm 23 and I'm looking to prevent but not worrying about wrinkles just yet.

Lush Bath Gift Pack, From $14.95
Pamper yourself this Christmas with the large range of products Lush offers. From bath bombs to shower products and skincare. Perfect for someone who is environmentally and animal-friendly. This time of the year who couldn't resist a bubble bath with awesome surprises.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer. $199
Polaroids are out, check out the latest HP Sprocket Photo Printer, its a faster way to print out your memories straightway. I love how this is an instant printer, the sticky side can be used for your locker, wall, diary and much more. This will make the perfect Christmas present for an Insta or Photography lover.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Fu$$y. $30.00
Is your Girlfriend, Friend or Secret Santa a Rihanna or beauty fan? Check out the latest universal shades by Fenty Beauty. Not only this is a universal colour to suit everyone, but it also contains the right amount of shimmer to enhance those juicy lips.

Glasshouse Candle Jar $42.95
Surprise her this Christmas with a Candle from Glasshouse Christmas collection. Scents ranging from Sweet, Pine to Berry. These candles are super long-lasting and will fill the room with a gorgeous scent. With their large range, I'm sure you will find the perfect scent to fit her personality.

GHD Gift Set $350
Gift the ultimate Christmas present. The GHD Style & Dry Gift Set. Perfect for someone who loves a universal hair product. Create the perfect sleek long-bob or beachy waves. Not only the straightener is included, but the hair blow dryer is also one of the best on the markets. This is the perfect girl for that gal who loves to style their hair.

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Luxurious Christmas Gifts For Her 

1. Jo Malone Deluxe Candle $260
Create a warm cosy feel with Jo Malone's signature luxurious candle range. No doubt anyone would say no to this. Pair with one of their scented fragrances. My favourite scent is the grapefruit cologne. Perfect for the individual who appreciates luxurious fragrances. This is on my Christmas wish list.

2. Ted Baker Makeup Case $80
The all-time favourite previous I've ever made. It's the perfect size to store beauty products, skin care or the essentials.  The PVC material allows the bag not to get dirty as easily. I highly recommend this to a beauty lover of makeup and Ted Baker brand.

3. Gucci Soho Disco Bag $1,465
The perfect leather crossbody bag, she is stylish and practical for everyday wear. Its spacious designs allow more and are highly competitive with other luxury crossbody bags. I especially love the black leather, no doubt this bag will match all outfits.

4. Cartier Love Band Ring $1,490
Are you looking to spoil your loved or special someone this Christmas? You can't go wrong with the elegance of the Love Band Ring from Cartier. I'm sure any girl would die to have this in their collection if they are into jewellery pieces.

5. Tiffany and Co Necklace/Rings From $295
You can never go wrong with a classic Tiffany and Co jewellery piece. They offer a large range of jewellery pieces from Necklaces to Earrings, Rings to Accessories. Featuring delicate sterling silver or diamonds. My personal favourite the mini double heart necklace or if you are looking for something more luxurious my other favourite, the mini diamond necklace. Add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any outfit.

6. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Pack $167
I'm ashamed to admit, I have not owned any Charlotte Tilbury beauty products. But I promise one day I will because she is known for having the perfect luxurious beauty products on the market. Check out the Pretty in Goddess Eyeshadow palette for a festive bronze makeup look.

7. Apple Watch Series 4, From $600
Last year I've made an investment in my very first Apple Watch. I am speechless on how much I love my Apple Watch. It's great to have in my everyday life for work and personal reasons. You can track your heartbeat, steps, sleep, bank and fitness along with many more. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Try the Fitbit Versa Watch.

8. Ole Henriksen Gift Pack $98
This is the one and only skincare brand I highly recommend. Why? because products have changed my skincare for life. A couple of years back, I've struggled with deep painful cystic spots. Not only this made me feel very insecure, I was left with red marks. The Vitamin C Truth Serum had helped clear my dark spots and restored my skin. Pair with Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturiser for the perfect glow. Gift this for someone who enjoys a luxurious skincare range.

9. Dyson Hair Supersonic Hair Dryer/Air Wrap. From $499
This one may be one of the most expensive beauty products. However, there is no hair dryer that is close to how good this one is. The Dyson Hair Dryer/Air Wrap is perfect for the individual who cares about the quality of their hair. It's technology creates the best outcome for your hair without extreme heat which leads to further damage. This is on my personal wish list to splurge on one day.

10. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette $385
This is one of those luxurious purchases I cannot seem to get my hands on. However, this little piece is a classic. Perfect for taking your essentials on the go. The print Damier Ebène Canvas is a timeless piece which can be converted into a crossbody.  Try to pick this one up soon, this will be the first to go during the holiday season. This is 100% on my wish list.

Disclaimer: Some links may contain an affiliate link, which means I earn a very small commission. This will not affect the price of the product or sale. Thank you.

During the winter months, a red lipstick is one of my favourite ways to spice up my makeup look and outfit. One of the many questions I asked myself was what shade of red lipstick should I wear? It's almost overwhelming checking out makeup brands different undertones of reds. Here Is my go-to guide on choosing the right lipstick shade for you. Just remember there are no rules to makeup, you are welcome to wear whatever shade you feel most comfortable rocking. 

1. What undertone are you? Are you green, blue or neutral based? 
2. Do you have a pink, yellow or neutral based completion? 
3. What shade of white suits your undertone best? White or Ivory?
4. Are you looking for a Hollywood red based lipstick or something darker? 

Once you have answered these questions, this will make choosing a red lipstick shade much easier.
Now for my blue-based red girls, you tend to have a light-medium complexion with a pink/neutral based undertone. Blue veins will be much visible on your wrists. Orange-based red tends to suit more yellow/neutral based complexions. You will either have green or both green and blue veins. White t-shirts suit pink based undertones, while Ivory enhances yellow/neutral undertones.

Some of my favourite lipstick shades are from Mac Cosmetics and Loreal. Below I have a couple of my holy grail red lipsticks with different undertones.  

What is your go-to red lipstick colour? I would love to read your comment below. x 

Estee Launder - Bar Red 310
Mac - Russian Red 
Loreal x Balmain - Domination
Bite Beauty - Red Velvet 
The Body Shop - Sydney Amaryllis 014
Tarte Lip Paint - Valor, Cast

(Swatched - The Body Shop - Sydney Amaryllis 014, Estee Launder - Bar Red 310, Loreal x Balmain - Domination, Mac - Russian Red, Bite Beauty - Red Velvet, Tarte Lip Paint - Valor, Cast and  Estee Launder - Shock & Awe)

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